Launch campaigns

Launch campaigns

When Adnams asked us to help them relaunch Ghost Ship pale ale as a regular beer in pubs and retailers, we knew we had to do something really attention grabbing. But first, we took it back to basics, by visiting landlords into whose pubs Ghost Ship would be placed, and find out what their insights were.

When the National Trust brought us in to make the people of Essex more familiar with their landscapes and activities, we designed and commissioned a bespoke, domed, sound-and-light show marquee: we also distributed beer mats and scribble pads across the county.

And it’s this combination of vision and detail that makes a product or brand launch by Spring a success.

Because we understand that it’s all about people, and for everything there is a wide range of them, all with different expectations and triggers. A beer, for example, needs people to ask for it so that landlords in turn will ask sales staff to provide it. But the landlords need to be given the knowledge to share, and the sales staff need to have the materials to inform. And it all needs to happen at the same time.

Our marketing programme follows three clear stages – consult, create and campaign.

Consult allows us to get to know a brand, understand the motivation of its audiences and set realistic goals for the process. Create is where the magic happens – the ideas that make campaigns take flight, the design that brings it to life, the creative development that gives a launch strength. In the campaign phase, we launch, maintain and keep a very close eye on response and impact, fine-tuning all the way to take a product to success.