PR is a two-step process; getting your brand in front of the right audience is essential, but that isn’t the end of the story. Once you’ve established lines of communication, it’s equally important to maintain the conversation and to manage perceptions in order to both protect and to cultivate your brand equity for the long-term.

To be done properly, PR is time-consuming and strategic. Spring plans activities to the letter, whether these are media relations projects, public awareness campaigns or community engagement programmes.

We invest time into selecting appropriate on- and offline media targets, into creating communication calendars and nurturing relationships with journalists, community leaders and influencers.

All of our content, from press releases to opinion articles, is engagingly written and optimised. We recognise that distribution is only the first step in the process for extracting maximum value from copy. We seed content across appropriate digital platforms to ensure it reaches the broadest audience possible and contributes to your SEO.

Spring’s communications team engages with journalists and bloggers to supplement planned PR programmes with responsive activity. We work closely with press to support their specific requirements in an increasingly multi-format world.

By combining PR and content creation, photography and video, social and community relations, we can produce packages of content that offer journalists the multi-media packages they need. Which makes us the go-to agency for your brand communications.