Graphic design

The alchemy of a brief gaining substance through graphic design is a perennial joy. And that’s the key: good design is the brief given life.

The psychological impact of design cannot be underestimated. Badly-targeted design can cause irreparable damage to a brand’s status, just as much as poorly executed work.

Spring’s love of design and our rigorous quality control procedures guarantee our clients great, well-targeted design.

Our studio’s transmedia expertise allows Spring’s designers to develop concepts across a wide range of platforms including brand, print, digital and experiential.

What’s more, the team’s close working practices ensure that the thought behind our graphic design is breathed into copywriting, communications, events and other activities.

Whether creating print collateral for a social housing company or a marketing programme for a luxury watch brand, Spring’s goal is always to ensure that our work is more than fit-for-purpose – it’s beautiful-for-results.