Brand consultancy

Brands are strategic assets whose strength is crucial to a company’s long term performance. So much more than an icon, they’re corporate purpose, behaviour, ethics and image all rolled into one.

Whether you are just starting out, ready to take the next step in your company’s growth, or simply feel it’s time to shake things up a bit, preparation is vital.

We always start with a workshop where we work with our clients to strip away the layers until we get right to the core of their business. This not only helps us to understand the brands we are working with, it also acts as a catalyst for change for the organisations we work with.

We’ll then review the market, research stakeholders, define the brand’s character and values, and start work on design, marketing strategy and launch programme planning.

Brand development sees us turn objectives and positioning into brand reality, rolling out that identity across all brand touch points – visual, verbal and experiential.

We develop brand guidelines, setting targets for measuring the brand’s impact, and creating the right environment to allow the brand to flourish.

In simple terms this means that Spring will lead the process of design, development of design across all platforms, communication and education, and guardianship of the brand.