Spring has a clear and real ethical code which permeates everything we do here. Every new Springer is given a copy of the code in their welcome pack and they’re expected to work by its precepts. Since we only recruit people who we know fit with our ethos, they do so naturally anyway. These five points have seen us all, our clients and our suppliers through good times and tougher – recession, growth, wins and 24 hour days. We like to think that they’re part of the reason Spring has earned its reputation for effectiveness, fairness and responsibility.

1. Prosperity

Our overarching goal is to prosper, and to cause others to prosper. This not only means a focus on profitable growth at Spring and for our clients, but also a focus on people’s personal development, wellbeing and sense of purpose to the world around them. We invest in the Springers, create opportunities for them to expand their horizons and encourage their personal and career development. Despite the group noun, every Springer is an individual and given the freedom to flourish in a meritocracy.

2. Integrity

We demonstrate integrity through respect for our clients, suppliers and team: listening, understanding, producing high quality campaigns that hit targets, working hard and keeping our promises. We are open, honest and accountable for our behaviour, and expect every person or company we deal with to act with similar honesty and integrity.

3. Community

We support our hometown of Southwold, the wider East Anglian community, and others we encounter wherever possible. This is both through the economic benefit that we bring to our community, and through pro bono and charitable activities. We ensure that print is ‘green’, that overseas production supports fair labour, that our haggling, although keen, still makes it worth people’s while to deal with us.

4. Creativity

Spring never takes the road well travelled if there’s a better way. Irrespective of the brief, we will always find the most effective way to deliver it. Often, that requires us to break new ground, think different, be truly innovative. We are bold, and ensure the success of even the most unusual idea through strict project management and quality control. Of course, sometimes the answer is a healthy dose of common sense – we don’t do ‘new’ for the sake of it.

5. Excellence

We strive at all times for excellence in everything that we do. From clear insight, to bold creative, to high-quality production and original use of available channels and resource, Spring sets its reputation on the quality of its work and dealings with others. We are only ever as good as our last project and constantly striving to learn, improve and excel.