vogt solar

Solar farms

Spring is vogt solar’s appointed communications agency, providing support throughout the consultation process for a number of solar projects, from initial research to stakeholder liaison and community engagement.

A key element to our role is helping to communicate the significant wildlife benefits of the solar farms, which aren’t always immediately obvious at the planning stage. Not everyone realizes the biodiversity enhancements attached to solar farms, and how they not only benefit wildlife on site but how the positive effects can be felt for miles around.

vogt solar is particularly committed to leaving a positive legacy within the communities it operates, especially when it comes to ecological stewardship of the land.

We work with them to pro-actively communicate the rich wildlife benefits of their solar farms. One way we do this is sending informative, illustrated leaflets to local residents and stakeholders.

The leaflets detail the breadth of biodiversity benefits vogt’s solar farms bring: planting grassland and wildflowers; introducing buffer zones and green corridors around and between arrays; and installing bat and bird boxes, hedgehog hibernation houses, stag beetle buckets, log piles for insects, and nesting planks for birds. Annotated landscape layouts show the plan of the solar farms along with locations of the installations.

Spring manages the whole process – messaging, copywriting, design, print and delivery.

The leaflets have been very well received. In response, one local neighbour recently commented, “Good luck with your solar scheme, I hope it gets through. It’s a jolly good thing and you’ve thought of everything, so well done.”