Brand consultancy

We have created the piratical wolf which has become the brand icon for luxury scotch egg brand, Wolff-Evans.

Wolff-Evans came to us having already secured listings in great places including Selfridges, Co-Op and a plethora of delicatessens, farmers’ markets and other foodie meccas.

Let us just say this: If you love Scotch Eggs: try these. They are the best you will ever eat. If you hate Scotch Eggs: try these. You will change your mind. Bill and Harry brought a box of them to our first meeting and it’s fair to say the Springers didn’t say much for the first half hour, apart from the occasional munch, slurp and satisfied sigh.

The Wolff-Evans boys (father and son Bill and Harry) knew exactly what they wanted from us – described as Keith Richards, if Keith Richards was a wolf, and a Welsh one at that. Bill’s a brand expert himself, and they know their market inside out. It has been a joy to work with them, not just because of the regular meeting gifts of their delectable produce