Look Sideways – East

Brand consultancy

Norfolk and Suffolk have a world-class cultural offer – and with cultural tourism a growing trend that represents over 35% of all travel and is growing by 17% a year –  now’s the time to talk about it.

Arts Council England, New Anglia LEP, the two county councils and seven cultural organisations have funded a project over three years to raise the region’s profile to Cultural Tourists, which as it nears its end has now been awarded more funding from Arts Council England to develop on its success.

The brand Spring has developed, Look Sideways – East, is designed to underpin the project, and gain real and lasting affection from those who use it and those who see it. More importantly, it underscores the pulling together of all Norfolk and Suffolk’s amazing cultural assets and other attractions, bringing everything together into one amazing, ongoing campaign.

The brand can be used by large arts organisations and tiny ones, and within the tourism sector it will underpin messaging and will become something that the region as a whole is proud of and wants to be associated with. We have divided the project into three phases – Gather, Amplify and Establish – and are planning the second phase.

Great successes have been the new collaboration between and within sectors through events, workshops and ongoing newsletters. We also ran a content gathering project http://culture-365.co.uk/ and built a cutting edge new content sharing calendar.

This is a very important project whose impact promises to create a great return on contributors’ investment. Already, the east of England can report 15% increase in cultural tourism.