EDF Energy

Community Consultation

Spring has been working with EDF Energy for seven years to deliver a comprehensive NSIP community consultation on proposals to build a new nuclear power station, known as Sizewell C, on land to the north of Sizewell B.

We are making sure that everyone who wants to take part in the consultation can, and that their views are recorded and carefully considered. Our work includes database management, media analysis, the organisation and management of consultation exhibitions and regular newsletters.

It’s an important task, and it’s one we take very seriously. This is our home turf and we are proud to be involved in encouraging feedback that can help shape EDF Energy’s proposals.

Stage Two, the most recent phase of the consultation, reached over 35,000 people across 28 parishes, via exhibitions, the website, newsletters, digital communications and bespoke events. District and County members including MPs and statutory bodies were included in the engagement.