maggie memorabilia

In 2013, Spring was awarded the exclusive commission to create the Conservative Party’s range of Maggie memorabilia.

We wanted to use this opportunity to present Maggie Thatcher the woman, stripping away clichés. So we started by researching and verifying lesser known sayings that brought out her view on life and approach to policy.

“The ideas are so unlike anything I’ve seen – I’m speechless!” said the party’s commercial director, when we revealed our concepts.

We commissioned illustrative interpretations of some iconic images: young Maggie, Mrs Thatcher newly elected, the stateswoman Baroness; creating new icons for her legacy.

And her famous bag? We worked with Launer to create fabulous trompe d’oeuil cotton bags, depicting her hard sided, clip closure handbag, the scourge of many a nervous junior minister.

The 13,000 delegates at the Conference swooped on the collection with joy, as did the world’s press. Elle, The Huff Post, all Britain’s daily papers, the BBC and others covered the range across multiple platforms.