British Nuclear Fuels


Midnight, December 31st 2006, and 1,500 party guests counted down to the New Year. But for them, it had a deeper resonance.

These party-goers were the staff and community of Sizewell A nuclear power station, and as the clock struck in the New Year, generation ceased.

Spring knew them well. Throughout 2006 (our first year of business) we had worked alongside the Sizewell A community, gathering their memories of the forty years in which it had generated power.

We’d hosted tea parties. Popped round to people’s houses. Hung about in the staff canteen. We’d received envelopes and bags stuffed with photos, press cuttings and letters.

In that year, we’d gathered enough memories of this station and its people to create a fascinating commemorative book.

Filled with their images and anecdotes, set against a timeline of world events, and designed to grace anyone’s shelves or coffee table, a numbered book was given to everyone who came to that party.

In fact, we worked with BNFL to arrange the party, too. A colossal marquee was decorated with iconic 1960’s photos. Entertainment came from celebrity look-alikes and a fabulous band. Dancing carried on long into the night.

It was a privilege to gain access to this hard working community, and share their memories of Sizewell A.