Age UK Suffolk


In a county with an ageing population and facing cuts to public services, Suffolk Age UK was just 14th on the list of local support and fundraising. Spring’s founder Erika wanted to help and offered our services pro bono.

She considered the challenge for some time and realised that the key issue was that younger people see post-retirement as another life, with no connection to now; not helped by the breakdown of multi-generational communities. So we set out to create a campaign that would deliver an emotional connection and support intergenerational conversations. We set a target of raising sufficient funds for Age UK Suffolk to support 200 extra older people for a year.

‘There’s More to Me’ repositions later life as the compelling collation of everything that has happened to someone. The platform is a film, featuring a group of Age UK’s clients.

I am not what you see.
Oh no!
I am the friends I’ve had.
The jobs I’ve done.
The lovers I’ve held.
The children I’ve borne, raised, waved goodbye to.
I’m every song I’ve ever heard.
Every laugh that’s ever sprung from my happy mouth.
Every tear I’ve shed. Oh and believe me, I have shed them.
Ask me.
Ask me what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, where I’ve been.
Ask me anything.
Just know: I am not what you see.
There’s more to me.

This underpins a strategic programme of schools engagement, supported by a set of questions psychologically proven to unlock stories. The film was screened at indie cinemas, and partnerships established with businesses including Basepoint Ipswich, Willis and The Insurance Institute. PR was undertaken between Age UK and Spring, reaching out successfully to national and local press.

Ten months in this has generated enough funding to provide care for 215 older people.