Ghost Ship


The idea was to turn Adnams Brewery into a phantom galleon. Sounds mad?

We did it.

Ghost Ship is a deliciously moreish American Pale Ale. It had been an occasional brew, but consumer demand meant that Adnams decided to make it a regular. They asked us to launch it for them.

We set ‘The Ghost Ship Returns’ as our base. We engaged with beer bloggers and journalists, set up tasting breakfasts for publicans and, with Adnams, arranged a spookily good VIP launch party.

Just as head brewer Fergus Fitzgerald wrapped up his launch speech, a terrified smuggler single-handedly flashmobbed the party. “The Ghost Ship has returned!” he yelled, and fled.

Who could resist but to follow him? And that’s when the Sole Bay Brewery, through the power of 3D projection, was transformed into a eerie, haunting phantom ship, complete with the wails of its lost crew and a ghostly bell.

Springers edited and uploaded the film of the projection that night.

#showmetheghostship launched a phenomenally successful social media campaign, with prizes and video shares lifting traffic beyond expectations. The ghostly imaging went on a guerrilla projection tour, causing a stir in every target town.

Half a million pints of this fabulous brew were sold during the two week campaign.